The #ScrubHubABQ Project

A grass-root project to fill the local gap in the Covid 19 response

COVID-19 is severely disrupting the New Mexico economy. Two issues we face as a community are PPE shoratges and increased unemployment. We asked ourselves some questions; Wouldn’t it be beneficial if there was a local short- term opportunity to help people who depend on weekly wages and meet the supply demand of PPEs.

Over 31,000 people in our state filed for unemployment. Spread of the virus has also caused shortages of disinfectants and protective equipment. A nationwide call to action has been made to help produce these supplies for hospitals, essential businesses and private citizens. What if recently unemployed new mexicans could help with production and delivery?

Our team ScrubHub ABQ has come up with a rapid response solution to fabricate and transport 3D printed protective equipment and sanitizer produced by local breweries.

Volunteers will get a weekly work stipend. Shifts will be set up one at a time to continue allowing social distancing. Food and supply purchases made with the stipend will help local businesses and stabilize the economy.

Funding will be generated through crowd sourcing and donations. Our team has $5000 to cover the first 5 weeks of operation including stipends, but we need more resources in the coming months for scale-up. Longterm, we will create a non- profit branch to respond to future health emergencies.