The gap between the benefit of a medical research project and true improvement in a clinical setting can be quite large. Heather Canavan, an Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering at the University of New Mexico, works with her students to reduce that gap. Through her efforts of promoting human-centered design, she and her students are embracing a spirit of collaboration and creative thinking to ascertain better healthcarerelated solutions. Inspiration can strike anywhere at any time! Whether it be while watching make-up tutorials on YouTube or while enjoying a refreshing bubble tea. Unfortunately, most people tend to drop their ideas that have potential to be something great. Alternatively, people in the Canavan lab group are encouraged to not only hold on to their ideas but establish a way of seeing their ideas come to life. For instance, one of the most promising research projects gathering momentum in the group started off by the simple act of drinking a bubble tea. Bubble tea contains chewy tapioca balls that can be peculiar to some people, but inspired a group of engineers to use it as a platform to create an alternative to colonoscopy preparation.

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