Phuong Anh Nguyen, MS

Phuong Anh Nguyen, MS

Co-Founder and Director

A University of New Mexico PhD student in biomedical engineering also pursuing her Masters of Business Administration, Nguyen’s interest in inventing better technologies for patient care developed, in part, from her professor, Heather Canavan’s experiences during and after cancer.

“I was born in Vietnam, which is poor. Access to technology and accommodations for those who need them don’t exist. When I came to the US, I wanted to be a doctor to help people. But I realized that many of the problems I saw in Vietnam are here, as well. When Heather started sharing her experiences, that’s where the idea of Bubblyte came from, to make the preparation for colonoscopies easier and more patient-focused.

I was always more interested in going into the workforce than staying in academia after my graduate studies. But I also realized that there is a missing piece in teaching, engineers especially, about how real people use the products they develop. My focus is to make a difference in lives. Adaptive Biomedical Designs combines my business and research/biomedical interests.”

Education & Credentials

BS, Psychology & Biology
MS, Biomedical Engineering
MBA, expected 2018
PhD, expected 2019